I’m a compassionate Recovery Road-Warrior helping Women & MEN in Toxic Relationships invite the Love they deserve ~SHANNON COLLEARY

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“I originally booked a counseling session with Shannon after reading her “asshat” articles … FINALLY — someone who understood the confusion and codependency I had with my current relationship! As someone who has walked in my shoes, Shannon is open, funny, and caring … and easy to talk to. She isn’t judgmental, and gives me good feedback and encouragement with my questions. After a few sessions with her I feel like I have the tools I need to start making the changes in my life that I want and need. Thank you Shannon for your insight and compassion!”

Tools For Changing My Life


“Thank you for your thoughtful message. It is so nice to hear your kind words and have your support. My end goal has always been to gain the strength, smarts, ability to walk away (from my Asshat) and not have a set-back or relapse and I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. (thanks to you and your help/guidance)”

Gaining The Strength to Walk Away


“Thank you for talking with me yesterday. Sometimes I find that your words come across as major breakthroughs, and other times the breakthroughs are quiet whispers, and may come later (or both). I know I sound like a broken record, but I am thankful to have found you – to know that someone else has shared my thought process, habits, addictions, obsessions, and unhealthy behaviors – and understands and doesn’t judge.”

Major Breakthroughs

“I really enjoyed speaking with you earlier this week, and I have thought a lot about our conversation (…) I am working hard on the answers to the questions (you assigned), and will send them to you in the next couple of days. I set up an appointment to speak with you on Monday and I’m so looking forward to it. You have already been so helpful. Hope you’re having a good week, and talk to you soon.”

So helpful!


“Thank you very much for sharing your writing and insights, I have read and reread your Asshat Recovery posts a lot this past month and have taken a lot from them, please keep writing as your stories ring true for so many and it’s great that you share them.”

Stories Ring True


“I admire how you are showing people your strength and show that anyone can go through abuse. You are an inspiration!”

Anyone Can Go Through Abuse


“Thank you so much Shannon for your Asshat Recovery stories. My best friend is suffering from the asshat of asshats … so I try to make her read your blogs. It forces her to see she’s in a very abusive relationship in a positive and even funny way.”

Positive and Funny


“Truth served up in a deliciously entertaining manner. Love it.”



“This program is so helpful to me so far! I got rid of my asshat 3 months ago, after 6 years of feeling like I must be going crazy…but I can still talk myself into wanting to stay friends, texting, keeping those lines of communication open. I have to keep telling myself over and over again all the things he did to hurt me. I have made many many loaves out of crumbs, lol, but i never wanna do that again! Looking forward to the support this program will give me to hang in there…Thank you!!”

This Program is so Helpful!