This webinar was a labor of love.

I’ve loaded all my best Tools and Actionable Tasks for understanding why we attract and are attracted to narcissists who drain our jet fuel, and how to turn that ship around so we can invite supportive, solid, drama-free Love into our lives.

While this webinar was specifically designed for women stuck in toxic relationships, it certainly can apply to anyone who struggles with codependency and an inability to set healthy boundaries with users. (Whether they be your lover, spouse, friend or boss!)

You qualify if:

  • You keep dating the same toxic guy/girl, just in a different body.
  • You have a hard time maintaining healthy boundaries while dating.
  • You’re confused about what constitutes toxic behavior.
  • You blame yourself for another person’s bad behavior.
  • You’re stuck in a one-way relationship.
  • You’re with a man or woman who criticizes.
  • You’re with a man or woman who may be cheating.
  • You want marriage & kids with a good partner, and worry it won’t happen.
  • You’re sick of letting your partner control you and ready to take charge of your own life.

Get some snacks, something good to drink, grab a notepad and pen to take notes and settle in for the next 59 minutes of life-changing insight!